Wednesday, September 5, 2012

TRUE WAR STORY: Think YOU Had A Challenging day??

During the now-legendary 1945 "battle for the bridge" at Arnhem, in World War II, the British "Tommies" were receiving air cover from American fighter planes.

On one pass, a U.S. P-51 aircraft was shot down by a German machine gun nest. Rather than bail out, the pilot "dead sticked" his plane in among a field of British gliders. He leaped from the plane, ran over to a bunch of the Tommies, grabbed the Sten Gun from one of them,  and shouted:

"Give me that! I know where that bastard is that shot me down and I'm gonna go get him!"

He took the Sten Gun, ran off into the woods, and took out that entire machine gun nest! 

Doesn't YOUR challenge, whatever it is, seem a little more, er... "do-able" now?  




James said...

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Albie The Good said...

JAMES: Thanks for stopping by :)

Maisie said...
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