Thursday, January 15, 2015

BIG AL's JOVIAL JUKEBOX #34: "Cast Your Fate To The Wind" by The WE FIVE, 1965

Albie's Note: The WE FIVE from their first album, 1965... a vocal version of the Vince Guaraldi jazz classic "Cast Your Fate To The Wind." I bought this album on scratchy vinyl at a Sierra Vista, AZ. Salvation Army store back in High School, circa 1981... only NOW do I understand this amazing song. Those lyrics just murder me, man!

Amazing vocal from Beverley Bivens. (born April 28, 1946)

Check it out:

Music: Vince Guaraldi
Lyrics: Carel Werber...

A month of nights, a year of days
Octobers drifting into Mays
You set your sail when the tide comes in
Then you just cast your fate to the wind

I shift my course along the breeze
Won't sail upwind on memories
The empty sky is my best friend
And you just cast your fate to the wind

But time has such a way of changing a man throughout the years
And now I'm rearranging my life through all the tears
Alone, alone, alone.....

There never was, there couldn't be
A place in time for men to be
Who'd drink the dark and laugh at day
But their wildest dreams blow away

So now you're old, you're wise, you're smart
You're just a man with half a heart
You wonder how it might have been
Had you not cast your fate to the wind....

Grammy Award for Best Original Jazz Composition, 1963.