Saturday, August 25, 2012

THE BIG VALLEY: "Fight For The Water Holes, Part 1" Dell Comics 1965

Albie's Note:  Back in the late '60s, Dell Comics-- once the most popular comics house in all of American Publishing History-- was reduced (through a chain of now-famous circumstances that you can read all about on various web-sites) to mainly putting out forgettable adaptations of various then-current TV shows. 

THE BIG VALLEY, my all-time fave TV western, was given the Dell Treatment in a quick, six-issue run that began-- as the show itself did-- in 1965.  

Jon K., of the great blog COMICS READING LIBRARY, is to be given full credit for these scans from the first issue, which I actually reckoned to be a pretty darn decent four-color adaptation of this greatest of all the TV  "Empire Westerns." 

The story is simple, but compelling, and does a great job conveying the original dramatic crux of the series (bastard son Heath Barkley's journey to filial acceptance.)

Likewise, the artwork is simple but wonderful, ably rendering the likenesses of The Original Actors (especially LINDA EVANS and LEE MAJORS.)

Here is PART ONE:

To Be Continued...

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