Wednesday, April 25, 2012


From a sermon entitled "Deciding Questionable Things" by the late CURTIS HUTSON

"Late one night while driving through the state of South Carolina, I passed a hitchhiker and had a strange feeling that I should give him a ride and try to lead him to Christ. But after reasoning that I was alone in the car and it may be dangerous to pick up a stranger, I passed him by. However, I couldn't get him off my mind! Somehow the Holy Spirit was leading me to go back and get him. Now I heard no audible voice. I simply felt that I had made a mistake in not giving the man a ride. I even prayed, "Dear Lord, I have already passed him now, and it may be several miles before I can find an exit where I can turn around and go back ." But that inner feeling would not leave. Finally I found an exit, turned around and went back. To my surprise the hitchhiker was still there! I stopped and asked if I could give him a ride.

"Sure," he said, and he got into my automobile.

"We had been riding only a few seconds before I explained what had happened. I told him how I felt strangely led of the Holy Spirit to pick him up. I even told him how I had passed him by and turned around and came back. In a few moments, I explained the simple plan of salvation; and the man trusted Christ as Saviour. We had a wonderful time of fellowship; and he promised to find a Bible-believing church, join it, and set out to live the Christian life.

"Now when I talk about the leading of the Holy Spirit, I am not talking about hearing an audible voice or having strange visions. The Holy Spirit leads through our desires.

"Philippians 2:13 states, "It is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure." That is, God works in us the desire and then gives us the power to make the desire a reality. Rest assured that the Holy Spirit will never lead you to do something contrary to scriptural principles. And it says, "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness." Since all Scripture is given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, that same Holy Spirit would not contradict Himself in leading someone contrary to the that Bible!

"In any matter where we have questions, we have a right to ask the Holy Spirit to lead us and to expect His gentle guiding."



dosh said...

Wow! I really loved reading this. The Holy Spirit is always there, telling us what to do that will bring God glory in the end and sometimes, it doesn't seem to make sense but God has a way of working it all out for good.

There's this book "I dared to call Him Father" about a Pakistani woman who became a christian and somewhere in there, she said she was led by the spirit to make pamphletes and drop them at public places for people to pick up and read about Christ. Well, she went back later in the evening and found that most of them were gone and got excited that people were interested only to look down and see them all in the trash. She got really mad at the people and God for sending her on a fool's errand but she heard the spirit tell her something along the lines of "Don't worry about the results, just focus on obeying me and i will take care of the rest".

I try to remember this whenever it seems like doing to will of God is leading no where and the story you just shared is really inspiring and motivating too.

I apologise for the length of my comment. God bless you for sharing

Albie The Good said...

Dosh: Thanks for visiting! I appreciated the story you shared too!

The older I get, the more I am learning to trust HIM-- the One who "knows the beginning from the end!"

Peace to you, sister:)