Thursday, May 5, 2011


God bless the good folks at JLTV [Jewish Life Television, channel 366 on DirectTV] for now airing re-runs of classic episodes of THE SOUPY SALES SHOW!  I dig JLTV anyway [no, I am not Jewish, but I am definitely what you might call a "Zionist," or avid supporter of the state of Israel, and JLTV provides a fascinating, alternative-media look at middle eastern issues] so I found these airings as soon as they started running them.

As far as showtimes, they seem to be airing them rather erratically, but if you have DirectTV you can set the DVR and never miss it! [gotta love technology... sometimes, anyway...:) ]

What's really cool is that they are showing BOTH the old black and white '60s shows and the '70s color shows [called at the time THE NEW SOUPY SALES SHOW] alternately.  While I am too young to remember the classic original series I definitely remember the later shows.  In fact... just today I saw one I distinctly remember seeing back in the day... sadly, I only remembered it because of the guest stars: The  Hager Twins of HEE HAW fame, singing a song entirely about -- I kid you not--  their love of Pizza!! [HUH??!?]

Anyway, whether you remember the late great Soup or not, check it out!  It's classic, clean, hip, Comedy Americana as its finest and coolest!

You were an American Original!


Boomerang41144 said...

I'm lovin' it -- very punny.

Pookie's rendition of Clark Terry's "Mumbles" is wonderful, very authentic, too.

On a more serious note, it's interesting to notice what was OK for TV in the '60's vs. the '70, even within the same basic format.

Alas. their pool of episodes doesn't seem very deep -- there's a lot of repetition.

Albie The Good said...

Yeah, I agree, Boomerang.... I keep the DVR going for all the episodes and I jeep deleting them as they keep showin' stuff I've seen! ARGG!

Oh well... beggars can NOT be choosers right?