Sunday, March 23, 2014

RANGER AL'S WESTERN COMIX THEATRE #7: THE REBEL Johnny Yuma in "Black Eagle," 1960 [Fixed]

Albie's Note: I truly wish I had gotten to watch this show growing up.  The people who remember it always seem to do so fondly. The episodes I have managed to see on Youtube are pretty dang cool, and so are the 4 Dell Comics magazines published during the show's original run [1959-1961.]

With a hero often described as an "ex-confederate existential wanderer," THE REBEL starred Nick Adams [July 10, 1931 – February 7, 1968-- a sad drug casualty at only 36] as Johnny Yuma, a journal-keeping, sawed-off shotgun-toting, Civil War vet who, according to the classic Johnny Cash theme  song, "was panther-quick and leather tough/ 'cuz he figured that he'd been pushed enough!"  

[Somehow I can't see this premise being produced today.  Something very... er... "non-PC" about the whole thing, don't you think? Only makes me like it more , o'course!]

In this story, Johnny gets caught between a step-father's hatred and some vengeance seeking gun-thugs.  From Four Color #1138, 1961, here is "Black Eagle":

And how could we not hear that classic theme song to go along with the cool comic? 



Neil Waring said...

Didn't need to open the theme song, as soon as I saw the title, Johnny Yuma, I started signing the theme song, glad no one was around. Loved the show, I was in Jr.High - think I will give it a look on Youtube.

Albie The Good said...

NEIL: Yeah there's a few full episodes on there. You definitely should check it out... it'll be a "memory rush" for you I am sure... Peace, pard :)

Oscar said...

And an actual photograph on the cover, too.

Albie The Good said...

OSCAR: Yup, and they say the photo covers are always the most sought after... In fact, its the main reason Dell's issues of THE REBEL in Fine condition will fetch $25-$50 from most comic dealers today. Yikes!