Tuesday, February 11, 2014

RANGER AL's WESTERN COMIX THEATRE #5 [Olympic edition!] : BUSTER CRABBE in "Showdown" 1953

Albie's Note:  This story, originally printed in BUSTER CRABBE Comics #5,  Famous Funnies Publications, July 1952, is a pretty well drawn and plotted tale of the old west...  attempting to cash in on the then-current TV popularity of the then already-past past repertoire of Mr. Crabbe; a one-time Olympic hero and pretty darn charismatic matinee idol, famous for myriads of movies in the Jungle, Western and Space [sci-fi] categories.  Although you rarely hear about ol' Buster today, he was actually a HUGE star from the thirties thru the fifties in entertaining B-movies that spanned varied genres. He played Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon AND Tarzan, by the way, so you can know he positively reeked of masculinity!

And now... here is a fine old red-blooded genre western:  SHOWDOWN!

The cover of BUSTER CRABBE # 5, 1952



Neil Waring said...

Did not know he was an Olympic swimmer, have watched many of his old movies. This is the first comic book I have seen. When I was a kid seemed like all the comic books I read were Daffy Duck and Porky Pig with a few Superman stories thrown in, I would have liked these.

Oscar said...

I enjoyed that exciting little story. Buster Crabbe, the shooting buckaroo of the west. What a title. It's a precursor of Hopalong and others.

Albie The Good said...

NEIL and OSCAR: glad you boys liked 'er :) Peace