Saturday, January 18, 2014

BIG AL's JOVIAL JUKEBOX #24: "(My Baby Loves) Western Movies" by THE OLYMPICS, 1958

Albie's Note:  When I was a wee lad my older brother Steve had this 45 -- among dozens of others -- and my buddy Bonky and I used to play it and try to sing along.   Even in high school in the late seventies/early eighties [I graduated in '82] I would often test the acoustics of  a  given men's room I entered with this very song [or maybe "Runaround Sue"].
Originally a #8 pop hit in 1958-- and written by Demon Records arrangers Fred Smith and Cliff Goldsmith-- behold the amazing doo wop tribute to cowboy TV "Western Movies!"  
Now... the lyrics are legendarily hard to decipher, but I gave it my best shot, as I think most guesses I found on the 'net were lacking, probably because they were written by people who don't actually watch old westerns!  I don't know who "Jim Hardy" was, but it does seem like that's what he's saying.   Also, I do think I may be right about the "Tom Jeffords" line... that was the name of the white guy on BROKEN ARROW... but then again there WAS a 1958 western series called JEFFERSON DRUM, so I reckon it could be something like: "Comes Jefferson Drum with his great big gun" ...  and "McCullough"  was the "man's man" hero on WAGON TRAIN...  
But I could also be way off.  I wonder if there was ever sheet music?  Um... Doubtful... :) 
Anyway, one thought I get when listening to it today is:  I can't believe a guy would complain about a girl like that!  :)
To save my soul I can't get a date,
Baby's got it tuned on channel 8
Now Wyatt Earp and the big Cheyenne
They're comin' thru the T.V. shootin up the land.

Ah um my baby loves the Western movies.
My baby loves the Western movies,
Bam, bam, shoot 'em up Pow.
Ah um my babe loves the Western Movies.

I call my baby on the telephone
To tell her half of my head was gone
I just got hit by a great big brick
She says "Thanks for reminding me, it's time for Maverick!"
Ah um my baby loves the Western movies.

My baby loves the Western movies,
Bam, bam, shoot em up pow.
Ah um
My baby loves the Western movies.

Well Marshall Dillon is runnin' with Old Cochise
Jim Hardy , Jim Bowie and Sugarfoot.
They all "Have Gun... and Will Travel"
Give me back my boots and saddle uh huh.

Here's the story of the certain Wagon Train "McCullough"
And Broken Arrow has broken my heart.
Ol' Jeffords  shows up with his great big gun...
Unties my baby and the fight was won.

Ah um my baby loves the Western movies.
My baby loves the western movies.
Bam bam shoot em up pow.
Ah um, my baby loves the western movies.



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