Friday, October 4, 2013


Back about 10 years or so ago, during my massive "rockabilly mid-life crisis" period, I bought a great 1997 CD by Josie Kreuzer entitled HOT ROD GIRL.  It remains one of my all-time favorite albums.  Josie, who recorded a couple more albums and then disappeared, was a great songwriter and the album was filled with well-performed original material, but my favorite song on it was this cover of an old Sonny Burgess single originally recorded on the SUN label back in 1957.  Burgess was an unusually smooth rockabilly cat who is pretty hard to cover legitimately, but I think Josie, as backed by the great San Diego trio HOT ROD LINCOLN, pulled it off...

Behold: the great  "Ain't Got A Thing":

Well I got a car, ain't got no gas
I got a check, but it won't cash
I got a man, he ain't got no class...

Well I got a guitar, ain't got no strings
I got ten fingers, ain't got no ring
I got a man, ain't got a thing...

Well I got a stove, ain't got no heat
I got some drums, but ain't got no beat
I got a man, but he ain't so sweet...

I got two feet, ain't got no shoes
I got a wagon, ain't got no mules
I got a man, but he ain't so true...

I got a piano, ain't got no keys
I got a cracker, ain't got no cheese
I got a man, but he climbs trees...




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