Thursday, August 22, 2013

SONGS THAT TELL A STORY #3: "Hey Nelly Nelly" by JUDY COLLINS, 1963

Albie's Note: Here is a great cut by JUDY COLLINS from her LIVE AT NEWPORT album.   I always liked this story song about Civil Rights in the USA.  Say what ya want about it-- form the left OR the right-- it truly was a "long and bloody ride... "

[Click on the link below the album cover to hear it from YOUTUBE!]


Hey Nelly Nelly, come to the window
Hey Nelly Nelly look at what I see
He's riding into town on a sway back mule
Got a tall black hat and he looks like a fool
He sure is talkin' like he's been to school
And it's 1853

Hey Nelly Nelly, listen what he's sayin'

Hey Nelly Nelly, he says it's gettin' late
And he says them black folks should all be free
To walk around the same as you and me
He's talkin' 'bout a thing he calls democracy
And it's 1858

Hey Nelly Nelly hear the band a playing

Hey Nelly Nelly, hand me down my gun
"Cause the men are cheerin' and the boys are too
They're all puttin' on their coats of blue
I can't sit around here and talk to you
"Cause it's 1861

Hey Nelly Nelly, Come to the window

Hey Nelly Nelly, I've come back alive
My coat of blue is stained with red
And the man in the tall black hat is dead
We sure will remember all the things he said
In 1865

Hey Nelly Nelly, come to the window

Hey Nelly Nelly, look at what I see
I see white folks and colored walkin' side by side
They're walkin' in a column that's a century wide
It's still a long and a hard and a bloody ride
In 1963 



Oscar said...

A fine singer, Judy Collins! A number of songs in the Top Ten.

Albie The Good said...

OSCAR: Yeah I really like her older folky stuff... still a great singer in her 70s though!

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Albie The Good said...

OBAT: Thanks for the link... peace.