Tuesday, July 16, 2013

UNUSUAL WESTERNS DEPT.: "The Beginning Of The End" from Charlton Comics, 1955

Albie's Note:  NEVER AGAIN was a title from Charlton Comics that saw only 2 issues back in 1955.  Oddly, there were only a #1 and a #8 issue with the run having different titles for the issue numbers in-between.

Even more oddly, NEVER AGAIN-- from Charton, the company one comic historian has called "the junk dealer of the comics world" [kind of an unfair assessment to begin with if you ask me]--  was a very intelligent, almost philosophical, war comic that pre-saged in tone the ponderous, conflict-weary "Make War No More" comics of the '60s and '70s by at least a decade or so.

In this story from issue #1, our narrator-- "The Unknown Soldier" himself--takes us through the true story of the final stand of Chief Joseph [1840-1904] and the Nez Perce tribe as they were pursued by vastly larger U.S. Federal Forces back in 1877. I could find no info as to who wrote and drew this tale, but it is a remarkably truthful recounting of a sad incident in our nation's history.

Please note that "Nez Perce" is correctly pronounced "Nay Per-SAY"-- it is French for "peiced nose"-- even though you almost never hear it rendered that way.

[Many thanks for images and issue info are due to Professor Fester at the wonderful CHARLTON COMICS READING BLOG. ]



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