Sunday, March 3, 2013

ADDENDUM BLOG: Albie Stands Corrected-- Coop eats "canned termaters!"

A couple blogs back I implied that Hollywood westerns had never shown us the realism of cowpokes eating canned goods in a traditional western.

Welllll.... Only a few nights later I opened up a 1945 movie I had DVR'd called ALONG CAME JONES with Gary Cooper [GREAT movie, by the way-- if you've never seen it it's a classic western comedy... on a level with RUGGLES OF RED GAP or O. Henry's best stories-- HIGHLY recommended!]

Anyway, within the first 5 minutes itinerant saddle-tramp Coop is shown eating a can of "termaters" with a case knife-- just like ol' Andy Adams himself described over 100 years ago.  A quick image search even turned up a helpful autographed pic to illustrate the scene I am describin' [good ol' innernet!!]

So... I stand somewhat corrected... and have to admit... at least this once Hollywood done showed it:

Gotta give credit where it's due, right?


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