Wednesday, February 27, 2013

BETTER LIVING THROUGH OLD COMICS #8: "The American Soap Box Derby" 1952

Albie's note: If you haven't managed to see it yet, I urge to check out the 2011 film 25 HILL, written, produced, and directed by its star Corbin Bernson.  It's a great family film about the vanishing tradition of Soap Box Derby. 

This sport actually once had a pretty strong Arizona connection, as Bisbee used to hold a major annual race until 1980, when a mother and son were tragically killed there in a freak accident.  After that, i am told that the Bisbee course was deemed too steep for the competition.  Although there is still a race there each summer, I am told it is nothing like the nation-wide competition it used to be.  Bernson's film showcases the "last gasp" event still held anuually in Akron, Ohio.

Anyway, from HOT ROD KING COMICS #1 (Ziff-Davis, 1952), here is another cool tribute to the American Soap Box Derby... from the world of vintage comic books! [Sorry for the condition in spots.]


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