Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Think Children's Television hasn't changed SIGNIFICANTLY in the last 40 or 50 years?? Check out this clip from my goofball hero Soupy Sales that actually aired as after-school programming for youngsters in 1965.  [Albie turned One year of age that long-ago annum.]

Whiskey, firearms, tobacco and... sports betting?? Just an average visit to Soupy's whacky grotto!  [Did he actually say "Shut up, I'm DRINKING!?"] 

No way on EARTH could he ever do this stuff today!


By the way, that cool song POOKY "sings" here is called
"Chew Tobacco Rag" by Red Ingle and The Natural Seven. 
Amazon.com [of course] has the CD.



old guy rambling said...

And no one under 7 served-funny then- I watched but I was in high school. You are right it would not play today.

Albie The Good said...

OLD GUY: Yup... bestest "un-correct" kid's tv host of all time...

You know, people are always making these comparisons with Peewee Herman, but I think Soupy was WAY better. For one thing Soupy was never sneering at the kids or even at the whole medium, which is often what stands for "hipness" today.

Ultimately he was just trying to make his audience laugh, whatever their ages, and there was a great innocence in that that is somehow very hard to come by today.

THANKS for commenting, friend :)

Oscar said...

Political correctness is a travesty in all its manifestations. The video was a riot and I don't think it hurt the kids who watched. It was comedy not a moral lesson.

Albie The Good said...

OSCAR: "A travesty in all its manifestations."

Perfectly stated, my friend!

Thanks as always. :)