Saturday, March 3, 2012

POETRY BREAK #7: "Taxi Suite" by Lew Welch

ALBIE'S NOTE: Today's Poetry break is from Beat poet and Arizona Native Lew Welch.  He once performed this poem live to a group of fellow Taxi drivers in a bar in Chicago.  When he was done they one of them told him: "I don't know if it's poetry or not, Lew, but it's definitely true to my life."  Here is a great poem any way you look at it:

Taxi Suite
(excerpt: 1. After Anacreon)

When I drive cab
I am moved by strange whistles and wear a hat

When I drive cab
I am the hunter. My prey leaps out from where it
hid, beguiling me with gestures

When I drive cab
all may command me, yet I am in command of all who do

When I drive cab
I am guided by voices descending from the naked air

When I drive cab
A revelation of movement comes to me. They wake now.
Now they want to work or look around. Now they want
drunkenness and heavy food. Now they contrive to love.

When I drive cab
I bring the sailor home from the sea. In the back of
my car he fingers the pelt of his maiden

When I drive cab
I watch for stragglers in the urban order of things.

When I drive cab
I end the only lit and waitful things in miles of
darkened houses.

LEW WELCH [1926-1971]



Jen said...

Greetings Albie the Good from an old friend. I hope you're well sir.

Albie The Good said...

Hi old friend.

yup, I'm well. Buying my late Mom's house here and living with my wife and 2 of my kids [plus one stepson]

Always great to hear from ya, Jen. This blog is the only online thing I do. I post such vitally important blogs as the upcoming "Re=thinking BONANZA"... :)

Again... Good to hear from ya.


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