Saturday, June 4, 2011

POEM by Dave Hunt: "Love In Sandaled Feet"

"Love in Sandaled Feet"

Love invaded space and time and history,
Hung the stars in place, stooped down a man--O mystery!

Chose no palace, but a stable for his lowly birth:
Love in sandaled feet had come to walk this earth.

Strange new words were spoken by a bearded Jew:
"Do unto others as you'd have them do to you.

Love your enemies; and you must be born again."
Love in sandaled feet had come to talk with men.

Love in sandaled feet, sweaty, muddy feet,
God and man at last could meet,

Having been so long, so very long apart.
Tired legs, a throbbing human heart,

Stagger up a lonely hill to die.
Pounding nails and quivering flesh--a cry!

"Forgive them, Father, no one understands."
Love in nail-pierced feet and bleeding, outstretched hands.

Those who fled in fear returned to say, "He lives!"
Millions hear, receive the life and peace He gives.

Hate is turned to love and enemies are brothers--
Love in sandaled feet lives now in many others.

--Dave Hunt

I like this poem by Christian apologist and writer Dave Hunt (born 1926).  I saw this great man of God speak at a Baptist church in Mesa, AZ in about early 1998.  He was powerful, dynamic and humble all at once.  He shared that his favorite book, besides The Bible itself, was Absolute Surrender by old time preacher Andrew Murray (1828-1917).  I believe Brother Dave has been so blessed for so many years in a difficult and under-valued type of ministry [what you might call "apologetics" or perhaps "discerment of falsehood"] because of this personal surrender to The Lord Jesus Christ.

Hunt is an inspiration who makes me want to do better things with my own life. I hope that his poem is a blessing to you.

"Lord, I believe... help thou mine unbelief!"

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Patsy Muir Ray said...

How special to come across your blog with this poem by Dave Hunt. I knew him, and my parents knew him for much longer, but I didn't know he wrote this beautiful poem. Yes, he, indeed was an amazing, logical, and highly discerning scholar of the Bible and man of God who I will always remember in a most admirable and appreciative way.

Thank you for sharing "Love in Sandaled Feet."